Zon Connect 50%

Family, Friends-and the Concierge-at the Touch Of A Button !

At A Glance…

Senior Friendly technology portal for communication, information and entertainment

Concierge Services at the touch of a button

Video Calling with Family and Friends

Activity calenders and sign up always on-hand

Love it or loath it, the Internet enables everyone to stay in touch, whether with email, telephone calls, video chats or messaging. Let alone the endless array of news, entertainment and general interest available at your fingertips.

Zon Connect provides a simple to use interface enabling residents to make full use of today’s digital world to stay engaged at the touch of a button.

Zon Connect
Zon Connect
And the Concierge ?

Zon’s Concierge service is made available to You and your family through Zon Connect’s in-house portal.


Menu selections a click away. Activity calendars always up to date. Signing up for today’s outing done in seconds. A housekeeping issue sorted with a quick message. Salon appointment booked and more.
A family member has a concern or a comment? A quick secure log-in from a browser anywhere puts them in direct touch with the Dining Experience Chef, the Health team, Life Enrichment Director, housekeeping or the Executive team. Sorted.


The portal also provides each resident with private access to their Zon related administration from detailing their services to billing.