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The Next Generation in Caring


Keeping a Watchful Eye… Healthcare Professionals and State of the Art Passive Monitoring

At A Glance…

Passive Health Monitoring Technology-Routine monitoring of health status

On-site Therapy for improving functional status and overall wellness

TeleHealth for medical consultation

Physical activities including walks and exercise classes

Peace of Mind

Keeping a watchful eye on residents is what we strive to do in order to bring peace of mind to families. Nothing less should be expected when a loved one is living in an Assisted Living facility.


Nevertheless anyone can fall or need help behind the closed door of a room. Unseen and unheard at the critical moment of need. Healthcare issues may be emerging but go untreated until they are well advanced. Prevention however is always better than cure.


Zon Health is a unique approach that combines outstanding health professionals and state of the art passive monitoring to enable us to keep the watchful eye that is expected and to bring peace of mind in regard to resident health issues.

Zon Health
Zon Health
Passive Monitoring-State of the Art Healthcare Technology

Included as standard in our care offering is a state of the art passive monitoring service that allows our health care providers to routinely monitor the status of a resident’s health.


Prevention is better than cure…..and Zon Health technology makes it possible!

Health is Key

At Zon Beachside we promote an active, healthy life style for both body and mind. Zon360 is all about that, with healthcare being just one element.
Zon Health starts with our in-house 24/7 nurses and the extensive teams of care providers, physical therapists and other health care professionals all working together with residents, their families and their physicians to deliver the highest possible level of care and to give peace of mind. All under the auspices of our Hands with Heart service delivery.

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An Active Life is a Healthy Life

Our onsite therapy team is focused on healthy aging, assessing a resident’s functional status and designing personalized activity programs to maintain and improve their quality of life.


Residents can use the well-equipped Zon Health and Wellness center for physical exercise. Or they can take planned walks to nearby Mathers Bridge or Gleason Park or do Pilates on the terrace.

Seeing the Doctor

We also make it easy for residents to consult their physician using TeleHealth, enabling prompt intervention when required-and no long waits in a medical office. You can see and talk to the doctor via computer and they can see and talk to you in the privacy of the TeleHealth room.