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Stimulating Minds through Learning, the Arts and Activities

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Cultural Events

Lifelong Learning opportunities

Visiting Speakers

At Zon stimulating and keeping minds active is an important part of life.


Our Zon Culture program seeks to do just that with events ranging from visits to the theatre and art galleries, to cultural themed events and visiting speakers.


There are also bridge and chess clubs and activities that keep minds sharp to participate in.

Zon Culture
Zon Culture

Our regular culture months highlight specific countries or themes.


So for instance Swedish month may feature a guest speaker to talk about the history of Nobel prizes, and Chef will turn his hand to Swedish meatballs and other delicacies.


French month may have wine and cheese tastings with talks from expert sommeliers and gastronomes.


Wildlife month may feature lectures from local Zoologists.

Culture is also about continued learning for those that are interested in taking classes in the community or on-line.


Experience the pleasure and delight of learning a new language, or taking writing classes for that book you have always wanted to write.


Or learning new computer skills to keep up with family members.

Zon Culture