Zon Life 75%.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”


Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote beautifully summarizes what Zon Life is all about and what we promote for each of our residents.


It’s about empowering people to continue their independence, pursue their interests and continue to grow in their lives.

At A Glance…

Purpose Driven Life Enrichment program

Community Partnerships that enhance activities

Beachside Community with close proximity to area offerings

Life encompasses the tenets of Intellectual, Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual and Community Wellness.


With a comprehensive offering of regular activities from arts and crafts to chess and bridge and lots more in-between, plus a packed monthly calendar of events, there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone. Suggestions for new activities are always welcome at Zon—indeed you may like to lead one.


There are plenty of group socials and we try as much as possible to include the local community and cultural events. Regular worship is offered for those of faith.

Liberty is ensuring that our residents’ independence remains to pursue their interests.
Zon Beachside is your home which is why we say Your Life. Your Way. And we mean it.
We may organize events and encourage participation, but You tell us what you want to do.


Pursuit of Happiness is life’s greatest joy.  Zon Life encourages residents to not change their interests but instead to add new ones that enhance and encourage continuing growth in their lives.